Dylan Duff
Web Developer

Welcome to my online portfolio, here you can check out some of my past work or get in touch!

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A little about me

Hey! I'm Dylan, a 21 year old Developer, primarily focused on the web and technologies surrounding it, though I’ve only started to build industry experience in a professional environment in the past year or two, I have been working with the LAMP stack since I was 15, whether it be hobby projects or landing pages for small business, I have a passion for code and love being able to build unique experiences or bring beautiful designs to life.

Though I’ve decided Web Technologies are where I want to focus my career, I have dabbled in everything from App Development to Integrated Systems; and as such feel comfortable throwing myself into new languages or environments when necessary.

My Skills

Responsive Design

With extensive experience in responsive design patterns I have a clear vision about how to implement them effectively in any project.

CI/CD Experience

I have experience working with CI/CD pipelines to ensure smooth content updates, without the end users ever noticing.

Team Player

While I am content working solo to get a project done, I also have experience and enjoy working with other developers and design teams, two brains are always better than one.

Past Projects