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Dylan Duff

Hey! I'm Dylan, a 21 year old Developer, primarily focused on the web and technologies surrounding it, though I’ve only started to build industry experience in a professional environment in the past year or two, I have been working with the LAMP stack since I was 15, whether it be hobby projects or landing pages for small business, I have a passion for code and love being able to build unique experiences or bring beautiful designs to life.

Though I’ve decided Web Technologies are where I want to focus my career, I have dabbled in everything from App Development to Integrated Systems; and as such feel comfortable throwing myself into new languages or environments when necessary.

My Skills

Responsive Design

With extensive experience in responsive design patterns I have a clear vision about how to implement them effectively in any project.

CI/CD Experience

I have experience working with CI/CD pipelines to ensure smooth content updates, without the end users ever noticing.

Team Player

While I am content working solo to get a project done, I also have experience and enjoy working with other developers and design teams, two brains are always better than one.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

With over 5years experience in frontend languages, creating pages that not only look beautiful, but are structured cleanly & with accessibility in mind, im able to build pages that are both future proof and minimal.


I'm also well versed in PHP and PDO, allowing me to create pages with dynamic content and a secure connection to the databases powering them.

Objective-C, Swift

Over the past few years I've been working on building my skillset around mobile development, specifically relating to iOS. Though my initial experience was based around Objective-C and runtime injection, as I've been diving into App Development I have also familiarised myself with SwiftUI.

Software Experience


While creating a working prototype from any design file is no sweat, the collaborative nature and powerful ecosystem that's risen around Figma in recent years makes it my goto for working with designers to translate beautiful designs into 1:1 products.

Adobe Photoshop

For as long as I've been working on websites I have also been working with Photoshop, though I now prefer more elegant solutions that have risen since, Im no stranger to working with PSDs either.


Meta has recently released software that allows anyone to create filters for both Facebook & Instagram, however these tools stretch beyond simple color grading and allow the creation of AR Filters and more, enabling brands to take advantage of this to create a new form of marketing.


Im no stranger to version control, and the gold standard for this currently is GitHub, while I dont use it for hosting a lot of my own work, I've been on numerous teams with private repos allowing us to easily work on closed source projects, often from different parts of the world.


No matter how beautiful a website looks, if it doesnt run smoothly it wont have a high rate of user retention, using Google Lighthouse, its simple to be sure that pages not only look amazing but are accessible, SEO friendly and quick to load important content.


When working with databases, my goto is the classic phpMyAdmin powered by MySQL, though I'm familiar with the concepts and practices around other databases structures such as the ever more popular MongoDB, when working on personal projects I tend to gravitate towards MySQL.