Trillian Enhancer (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

TestFlight/Provisioning Profile Fixer

Repairs provisioning profile permissions notably affecting TestFlight in some jailbroken iOS installs


Proof of concept of a security vulnerability that exists in evasi0n7 1.0.3 and below.

Stashing Fix for Phœnix (9.3.5)

Fixes stashing on Phœnix (iOS 9.3.5)

Stashing for #etasonJB (8.4.1)

Enables stashing on #etasonJB (iOS 8.4.1)

Show Notification Dates (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

Show LS Status Clock (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

Sandbox Path Fixer

Fixes sandbox paths for certain apps that are broken in iOS 8.0 and above


Volume-down at boot for SSH over USB

PreferenceOrganizer 2

Organises your Preferences app into several configurable categories for ease of navigation.


Spin a pineapple on your lock screen!

No Wallpaper Gradient (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

No Spotlight Dim (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.


A tweak that prevents accidental updates/restores and thievery.

No LS Charging Battery (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

No Calculator Input Limit (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

No Auto Spotlight Keyboard (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.


A Terminal emulator. This is a Terminal emulator for the iPhone. With it you can do all of your standard system administration tasks from anywhere: SSH into remote boxes, download files, edit configuration files, whatever.


Comprehensive iOS System/App Store App customisation suite

JellyLock Unified

A beautifully simple lockscreen application launcher.


Type words by swiping across the keyboard.

Internal FB Icons

Facebook app icons used internally by employees.


Stop the infamous "Effective Power" text string from crashing CoreText!

Facebook Internal Settings (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

EU Volume Limit Disabler (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

Complete PPSync Remover

Completely removes traces of PPSync.

CLI Tools

Metapackage for some CLI tools I use often.


Enhance Cesium's integration with iOS!

Better YouTube (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

Better Google Maps (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.

AppSync Unified

Enables the ability to install unsigned/fakesigned iOS applications.

AppSync Unified Transitional Package (70plus)

Transitional package for AppSync Unified.

AppSync Unified Transitional Package (60plus)

Transitional package for AppSync Unified.

AppSync Unified Transitional Package (50plus)

Transitional package for AppSync Unified.

AppSync for iOS 4.0

AppSync Unified allows you to sync and install unsigned iOS applications. Only for iOS 4.

Android 4.x Pattern Lock for AndroidLockXT

Android 4.x pattern lock theme for AndroidLock XT.

All Mail Actions (mikoto)

Transitional package for mikoto.


Use your iOS device as an AirPlay speaker!

#unthreadedjb #screan

#unthreadedjb screan .. it is of #gud #tweek HOLMES !!

appinst (App Installer)

Install IPAs from the command line

iCleaner Dark Theme

Dark theme for the iCleaner and iCleaner Pro apps.

iCleaner Pro

The first real iOS system cleaner & optimizer